State and Local Tax Attorneys

Successfully resolving tax disputes
on behalf of taxpayers

At Dakessian Law, we practice exclusively in the area of state and local taxation. At its inception, our firm was focused exclusively on resolving disputes with California agencies. And while this remains the sole focus of our preeminent California tax team, we have since expanded our services to include two additional areas—advice and counsel to multistate tax executives and multistate tax controversy.

Our team of specialists handles administrative and judicial disputes with California taxing agencies and those of other states and local governments. We cover income tax, sales tax, property tax, payroll taxes and other states taxes and fees, as well as business license taxes and fees. We have a winning track record that comes from decades of experience at the highest levels of Big Law, Big 4, and in-house.

We also provide advice and counsel to multistate tax executives faced with difficult decisions impacting the company’s financial, reputational, and strategic position. Whether you are developing an audit defense strategy on a multistate issue, deciding whether to proceed with high-stakes litigation, considering reserve amounts, evaluating refund or planning proposals, identifying and analyzing a transaction’s potential risks and rewards, or marshaling the best team of advisors for a major project, make sure we are the last advisor in the room so you can make the best possible decision.

Our Results


Sacramento-based Food Company

San Diego Car Rental Fee Litigation

City of Rialto Business License Tax Litigation

Privately-Held Apparel Company – Sales Tax Reduction

[Redacted] Energy Sector Client

World Wide Produce – Attorney Fee Award

[Redacted] Privately Held Real Estate Firm

NFL Athlete – Residency Dispute

[Redacted] Charitable Remainder Trust

[Redacted] Charitable Trust

[Redacted] Fortune 500 Food Company

[Redacted] Angel Investor

American Century Investments


[Redacted] Payroll Tax win before ALJ for Major Apparel Co.

[Redacted] California/Nevada Residency Dispute

Liberty Utilities

[Redacted] Income Tax win for Trading Co.

[Redacted] Major California Glazing Contractor

G&C Equipment Corporation (G&C II)

Minimed Infusion

Mantels & More

G&C Equipment Corporation (G&C I)

Tax Analysts v. Franchise Tax Board


Cutler v. Franchise Tax Board (Cutler II)

Daniel V, Inc. v. Franchise Tax Board

Parmar v. State Board of Equalization

Cutler v. Franchise Tax Board (Cutler I)

Santander Auto Finance

M/Y Bellissima

1033 Tax Deferred Exchange

Mica Industries, Inc.

Alan Berman Trucking, Inc.

[Redacted] Franchise Tax Board

Communities to Save Enterprise Zones

Cyntron v. Housing and Community Development

B&R Industries

Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office

Argonaut Group, Inc.

DeVry, Inc.

Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office

Jessica McClintock, Inc.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Granite Construction, Inc.

Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office

Ventura County Assessor’s Office

Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office

Trend Offset Printing

Kia Motors