Executive Multistate Tax Counsel

Serving Tax Executives with Retained Peer-to-Peer Multi-State Tax Counseling

It can be lonely at the top. A Chief Tax Officer or SALT Executive regularly makes difficult judgment calls impacting the company’s financial, reputational, and strategic position. Perhaps you’ve been asked to do much more with far less during this challenging period, but even with a talented team at full strength, it can be helpful at decision time to have an ongoing relationship with an independent, trusted peer who will tell you what you need to know, even when it is not what you would like to hear.

Dakessian Law can help. Call upon our decades of experience in Big Law, Big 4, and in-house when you are making a big state or local tax decision, such as developing an audit defense strategy on an issue impacting multiple jurisdictions, deciding whether to proceed with high-stakes litigation, considering reserve amounts, evaluating refund or planning proposals, identifying and analyzing a transaction’s potential risks and rewards, or marshaling the best team of advisors for a major project. When these decisions are before you, have us on retainer to make sure we are the last advisor in the room so you can make the best possible decision.

Multistate Tax Controversy

We also offer our services as administrative, trial, and appellate advocates in multistate matters whether they relate to assessments or refund claims. We do so from the perspective of experience at the highest level of Big Law, the Big 4, and inside some of the world’s largest companies. We have served clients in consumer products, transportation and distribution, energy, insurance and financial services, private equity, technology, manufacturing, aerospace, chemicals, communications, mass retail, housing, pharmaceuticals, business services, food and beverage, agribusiness, and a variety of other industries. We have also served enormous conglomerates that face the unique challenges of coordinating tax issues across multiple industries.