Multistate Tax

At Dakessian Law we bring you the best mix of a multinational law firm’s breadth and the depth of a tax boutique. Our collective experiences have allowed us to work on tax matters in many states and localities, across most tax types, and from the perspective of every party. Building on this foundation, our attorneys have developed their own specializations without losing the benefit of broad experience. 



Dakessian Law offers services as administrative, trial, and appellate advocates in multistate matters whether they relate to assessments or refund claims. We do so from the perspective of experience at the highest level of Big Law and the Big 4 accounting firms.

Call upon our experience when you are making a big state or local tax decision, such as developing an audit defense strategy on an issue impacting multiple jurisdictions, deciding whether to proceed with high-stakes litigation, considering reserve amounts, evaluating refund or planning proposals, identifying and analyzing a transaction’s potential risks and rewards, or marshaling the best team of advisors for a major project.