• When should we retain you in connection with a tax dispute?
      At the earliest possible opportunity. For audit defense matters, having us on your side early helps to: (1) ensure your case is properly developed; (2) increase the chances of early resolution; (3)  make sure you negotiate the best deal possible.
    • In a tax dispute, doesn’t hiring counsel send the wrong message…like we did something wrong?
      No. It sends the right message. Taxing agencies routinely work with counsel. If anything, it shows you are serious. And by hiring us, you are not just hiring any firm. You are hiring a firm with a stellar reputation, one that is among the most respected and effective in California taxation. Hiring us increases your chances of success and the value of your case.
    • But we just want to settle the case, can’t we just use our existing practitioner and wait to hire you if we need to litigate?
      Perhaps, but having our name on your case adds value. That is because the agencies settle cases based on litigation risk. And they know we can go the distance and win. If you are working with a firm that does not litigate or has a reputation for always settling, you are leaving money on the table.
    • How long will it take for our matter to resolve itself?
      Although each case is different, we strive to move our matters through quickly, consistent with our clients’ needs and wishes. We have been successful in favorably resolving cases early in the process. There are also other procedural tools that are available to accelerate matters when appropriate.
    • How much will it cost for your firm to handle our matter?
      As noted above, each matter is different. We can provide an estimate for you based on your particular case.
    • Do you work on contingency or other alternative fee arrangements?
      Yes. Under the appropriate circumstances, we will work with clients under a success-based fee arrangement. We also will enter into alternative fee arrangements that reflect the work performed and the value we provide.
    • Can we get the government to pay for my attorneys’ fees?
      Yes, in the right cases. We have had great success in this area, having obtained fee awards in several cases. The aggregate amount of fees we have obtained in these cases is into the millions of dollars. In these matters, the court ordered the government to pay our clients’ fees in whole or in part. We believe that fee shifting is an important tool for taxpayers because it holds the government accountable for its actions. Contact us for more details.



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