Culture And Values — P. E. E. R. S.


We care about our clients and believe deeply in helping our clients with their tax matters. Our pride in our work reflects that passion. Representing taxpayers is important and impactful. This is true not only with respect to the groundbreaking cases we handle but applies with equal force to the smallest clients and the smallest matters. Our passion is our secret weapon and propels us forward. We don’t just punch a clock. We are on a mission.


We behave above board with our clients, decision-makers, opposing counsel, and each other at all times and we demand the same in return. We always do the right thing.


We are patient and understanding with our clients, those outside the firm, and each other. We put ourselves in the shoes of others when we speak and act.


We uplift each other. We care for one another. We respect one another. We do not tolerate put- downs, gossip, rude behavior, and bad attitudes. Period. The same goes for our clients and others.


We are all part of one team. We help each other. We support each other. We make sure our team is taken care of when we need to be away from the office. We complement each other’s strengths. We are not territorial. We work as a team to help our clients. We all share in the rewards of our success.