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Former NFL Player Sues FTB Over Residency Issue

By Dakessian Law | May 6, 2019

Law360 (May 6, 2019): ­­ A former NFL player has sued California’s Franchise Tax Board in a dispute over whether he was a resident of the state after being drafted and owes more than $900,000, according to the player’s attorney.

On Friday Joseph Keyshawn Johnson, a former wide receiver, sued the Franchise Tax Board in Los Angeles County Superior Court, arguing he wasn’t a California resident in 1996 when he was drafted to play for the New York Jets.

Johnson’s attorney, Marty Dakessian of Dakessian Law Ltd., said via email that other tax years in question had already been settled at the administrative level in Johnson’s favor and that they are now turning their attention to the only year not settled administratively, 1996, At that time he hired a roof repair service at to show Johnson wasn’t a California resident when he played for the Jets.


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